MGS Carnival 2023

The MGS Carnival is back after a 6-year hiatus and will be held on Saturday, 1 July, from 9 am to 3 pm. This year, the theme of the carnival is "A Time to Give Thanks" and proceeds raised will go towards the new Intergenerational Learning programmes, promoting bonding between youths and the elderly, to be launched on Founder's Day this year. In the lead up to the Carnival, the school has launched pre-sales of limited edition merchandise and, together with generous partners, curated some delectable treats which can be enjoyed before the carnival.

To check out the range of limited edition MGS merchandise and make pre-orders, please click here. You can pick up your pre-ordered items on one of the selected dates: 10, 12, 17 and 19 May. Do note that payment is strictly by carnival coupons only.

Sunshine Poketto sandwiches will also be available for purchase, in the school canteen, outside COOP, on the days that pre-ordered merchandise can be picked up.

To check out the delectable treats curated together with our generous partners, please click here. You can choose to pick up the pre-ordered food at the MGS concourse on 6 or 20 May from 2-4pm.

You may purchase carnival coupons a) now, from any of the current students, b) from 2 May, from the Finance Office, on weekdays before 5pm, and c) on the carnival day itself.

Should you have any questions about the pre-sale items or schedules, please drop us an email at

We thank you in for your continued support for the school and we look forward to seeing you at our Alumnae Shop and Cafe!